Day 14 – John O’Groats to Helmsdale

Day 14 – John O’Groats to Helmsdale

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Started the morning in Bowen Wigwam.

Bowen Wigwam, Scotland
Bowen Wigwam

This was a 07:30 start.

Had to go back for my shades, made it about 08:30.

Reached John O’Groats by 10:00.

John O'Groats sign
John O’Groats sign

Googlemaps took me down some non-existent roads, which is something you have to look out for.

I made it, got a nice cup of coffee and sat by the front.

Made this quick video about the journey ahead.

From then on, it was continuous cycling, stopped for lunch, but stopping makes you cold, so I continued.

Here are the three maps which show my journey on the first day.

As you can see, it’s about 70 miles, which isn’t bad for a first day.

Today I’m in Helmsdale, I’m going to eat an ice-cream and enjoy the beach.

Here’s some photo’s I took along the way.

John O'Groats - Old Hotel
John O’Groats – Old Hotel
View from Duncansby Head
View from Duncansby Head
Road to Occumster
Road to Occumster

2 thoughts on “Day 14 – John O’Groats to Helmsdale

  1. WOW……very impressed….love the pictures…especially the one at the signpost. You have done so well…..what a story to tell….

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