Day 28 – Plank Lane to Dunham Massey

Day 28 – Plank Lane to Dunham Massey

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Having to wait for Plank Lane is a real pain in the ass.

Getting a 2 o’clock start allows me to get through Manchester. Just.

A morning in Leigh

I spend the morning fishing in the Leeds and Liverpool and reading my book.

The fishing ain’t bad. Nothing large, but a steady stream.

Plank Lane

On reaching Plank Lane bridge, there are four other boats heading South and four heading North.

Once through, it’s about 20 minutes into Leigh.

One of the boats in front pulls in to the pub, the other pulls over.

Dunham Massey

At a steady speed, I make it through to Dunham Massey, where I cook my dinner and make it down to the Axe and Hatchet for a solitary pint of cider.

Map – Day 28

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