Day 53 – Taunton to Exeter

Day 53 – Taunton to Exeter

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Knee isn’t much better.

I’ve decided it’s the tendons at the back of the kneecap have become slightly inflamed.

Tendonitis I believe it’s called. I personally don’t think it’s very serious, although there’s no doubt it’s going to slow me down, roughly by about 1/2 the amount each day.

Today, I took it particularly easy, just travelling to Exeter, or thereabouts.

Somerset into Devon

The most significant development of the day was moving between the counties of Somerset and Devon.

Devon Lane
Devon Lane

The lanes in Devon look like this.

Unfortunately, I didn’t spend a whole day cycling round them, I was finished up by about 1.30pm.

Bad auras

Stopped off in this awful village.

It’s strange the way you get these pockets of hateful English.

It’s kind of the privilege factor, what used to be the petite bourgeois, who deem themselves to be a privileged class, looked fondly upon by those in ‘power’.

Not actually those in power, who tend to have to think robustly, and remain slightly interested, or at least paranoid to remain on top.

Frankly I find them repulsive, small minded hateful rats. Not capable of exercising any personal sense of judgement or value beyond the ‘right minded’, ‘English’ way of thinking.

Can’t imagine anyone more tiresome or less worthy of my energy, in any country.

Didn’t stay long.

Into Exeter

Short hop into Exeter, and the Gypsies Hill Hotel, where I’ve been resting my knee all afternoon.

Popped down to Sainsbury’s.

Needed some Ibuprofen.

This will reduce the swelling and aviate some of the pain.

Popped into a Marston’s pub next door, had a mushroom risotto, a glass of wine and popped a couple of pills.

Walked back to the hotel.

Here’s a view across the fields of Devon.


Day 53 – Map

One thought on “Day 53 – Taunton to Exeter

  1. Oooohhhhh….poor old you. Aa rest will do the knee good. Strap it…you can buy a knee strap in Boots…or just a nice long stretchy bandage would do…and just wrap it up…keep it warm..(since you can’t put ice packs on it, which is another option) you really will notice the difference. I think Brexit proves there are some really not very nice people in this country…they think they are better than others…..don’t know who they are trying to kid…themselves without doubt…..idiots!!! The lanes of Devon are lovely and the hills are, perhaps, not as taxing as those in the Highlands ds of Scotland. Lovely pictures….hope you’re having a restful night and the knee is better tomorrow. X

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