Day 8 – Plank Lane to Crooke

Day 8 – Plank Lane to Crooke

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Didn’t really cover a lot of ground today.

What I did discover is that you need an ‘anti-vandal’ or British Waterways Handcuff Key.

Locks on the Leigh Branch of the Leeds and Liverpool

Have the handcuff key, or anti-vandal key fitted throughout the city.

It’s a small square fitting. You basically put it into the lock housing and it releases the paddle.

Without these, you won’t be able to turn the paddles and you won’t be going anywhere.

Luckily due to the queuing at Plank Lane Bridge, I was in convoy so it wasn’t a problem.

Plank Lane Bridge

Had a problem with the counterweight and I was sitting here from 10:00 to 14:00.

More about that in the video.

Passing through Wigan

Seems a nice town, if a little run down, but there’s a lot of character in the buildings, just no money.

Weather – rain

All day until 18:00.

Couldn’t take pictures.

I did make the video, but that was all I could manage.

Day 8 – Map

Day 8 – Video

One thought on “Day 8 – Plank Lane to Crooke

  1. Looks like very heavy rain there…just as well you had to wait for Plank Bridge it enabled you to have a restful day in an interesting place. The weather is better today though there might be some showers. Next week is expected to be warm and sunny with the winds coming up from the south 🙂 Looks like a pretty wonderful journey….bet you’re enjoying it enormously.
    Have a lovely day today…

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