Test your cyber age – How old do you REALLY look?

Test your cyber age – How old do you REALLY look?

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Ever wondered how old you REALLY look.

The camera never lies, they say. Combine that with the ‘no-nonsense’ approach of your normal PC, and you have a sure way of getting a snapshot of how old you are, objectively.

How old do I look?

Here’s some evidence. It’s done using an online application that guesses your age. Built by Microsoft using technology available on the ‘net, Microsoft’s Face detection API, an analytics suite, which uses a lot of sample media to create a repository of accessible and applicable media profiles, be it sound, face, visual profiles or linguistics.

Physical appearance

Two photographs taken at around the same time.

Microsoft Learnings' - How old do I look Engine
I am 30

This one is with my primary school teacher.

Microsoft Learnings' - How old do I look Engine
She is 22 and I am 39

Neither of these photographs guessed my correct age, which is 40.

Fitness profile

There’s a program on the wii called wii-fit. Each morning, I do a ‘fitness test.

The Wii-fit is a lot more accurate, it constantly tells me I’m around 21, which is much more to do with my physical ability rather than my physical appearance.

Cyber-age: If I combine the both 30+39+21, that gives me a cyber-age of 26.

I’ve always know, inside, that I remain 26. The technology and hard facts together with a pragmatic approach, backed by statistics physiological facts is simply confirming this.

What’s your cyber-age?

Just testament to how things are coming along. We no longer need to be told how old we are just by bits of paper, or humans, who don’t know any better.

If you look 25 and feel 30, why be told that you’re older?

All this needs is backing from the relevant bodies and we can all live forever…

Test your age here – How-old.net

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