Install old version of wordpress

Install old version of wordpress

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Imagine the horror.

Installed a new version of wordpress and I could neither see nor edit my posts!

Unless you’re happy to wait any length of time until the bug is fixed, the remedy for this is simple – you need to

Install an old version of wordpress


  1. Download old version: Pick the version stable release BEFORE you encountered the problems. eg. 4.2.2 – Nothing works > Pick version 4.1.7 and unzip it.
  2. Go to your ftp program. Fire it up and go into your base directory.
    Select the files > wp-includes AND wp-admin.
    Install an old version of WordPress
  3. DELETE them.
  4. From the file you’ve just unzipped, UPLOAD the old versions of these files.
  5. Select all the files in the base directory of the unzipped file. OVERWRITE all the files in your base directory.
    Install old version of WordPress

Go onto your site. Hey presto!

Your wordpress should work.

Admin page

Logging into admin, you’ll get a couple of introductory screens telling you to update your database when you first log on.

Ignore these.

And that’s it!!

Contributions please.

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