Kunshan sports and athletic center

Kunshan sports and athletic center

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Had a trip up here in the lunch hour on my e-bike.

Vast complex and no-one around.

It’s next to the forest park. A popular spot for Chinese yearning the simple life.

Had a look at the swimming pool then rode back.

It’s much too fare from my house , plus other one is cheaper and has an outside pool where I can sunbathe.

So. Yeah. Nice ride not worth the bother.

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8 thoughts on “Kunshan sports and athletic center

  1. Been a while dude, wondered where you were and as ever, Google knows all.

    China! How long? Permanent deal or just passing through?

    Drop me line, would be nice to touch base. Hope the family are well.

    Jamaica tommorrow, should be fun.


    1. You could be a bot for all I know.

      Maybe if you send or post a picture, that will help identify the person that you claim to be.

  2. I can verify that Dan headed off to Jamaica last weekend, as we popped in on Gill and Mike on the way home from a do. However, the pic of DJ that Gill showed me looked nothing like him, so even if he had posted a piccie, I fear it may have failed to convince you of his authenticity.

  3. Yeah, you can look me up on fb. I don’t use it much, but I did post some pics of our holiday to Mauritius the other year. I presume as this is your site you can see the email I’m using. Drop me line sometime.

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