Looking for moorings around Wootton River/Clench

Looking for moorings around Wootton River/Clench

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Spent the rest of today, totally windy, looking for moorings around the vicinity.

This would represent my shift of ‘neighbourhoods’, which has to take place every 14 days according to the rules of the river.


Clench is the closest. At a bridge up, or around 1/2 mile.

I’ve been out today and checked the place out.

TBH, it doesn’t look any good. If I am staying here, it will only be for a very short period, and the reasons why are contained in the video.

Wootton Rivers

Representing more than a ‘bridge hop’, Wootton Rivers is a small village, with some facilities for boaters.

I’ve made a video here about the considerations I had when choosing a mooring.

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