SM los Andes – The town

SM los Andes – The town

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After wandering Peru and Chile for the past 2 months, SM l Andes is a real bite of the capitalist apple.

As I was chatting to a guy in a fishing shop high in the lake side country terrain he explained the reason for this apparent wealth.

“In CHile you got the really rich and the poor, in Argentina you got the rich, the poor and a well developed middle class”.

I did have his name and address and I said I’d mention him because he gave me a spoon (fishing device).

Well here’s to you dude, and if I find that piece of paper again…

San Martin, that means shops things that are nice to buy and spend all our money on.

You remember now.

Not being a subscriber, I don’t want to spend my money and town is boring.
Nice and boring.

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