Strange fruit China – pt2

Strange fruit China – pt2

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So… New season, new fruit.

I have this one which looks similar to a shower head.

Got one off the woman for 4kwai (she wanted 6, I gave her 4).
Squeezed a little pea out of it after lunch.

Strange Fruit
Strange Fruit

The weather is hot here. Around 36°, although in Sichuan, where I used to work, it is rainy.

In fact some of the houses have been washed away in the very town I used to work!

**Update: I tried some of these fruit and they are like small pea like structures that taste like peas.**

2 thoughts on “Strange fruit China – pt2

  1. They had things like this on sale at an organic stall somewhere. Even the few Chinese that approached seemed a bit thrown by it. Could it be an innovative ping pong bat?

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