The nature of the beast

The nature of the beast

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I’m just trying to be clear about the reasons why people do things:

You have a subject; who you torture. You know the outcome.

You carry on the torture, knowing the outcome.

In order to get to torture the subject in the first place, you tell lies, knowing there’ll never be an outcome.

Welcome home Mike
I am undergoing torture at the moment.
People surrounding my flat, are using weapons, low frequency weapons to keep me awake at night.
I haven’t been to sleep properly for 4 days.

The effects of the weapons is a slight tingling sensation. This is accompanied by a sound like a television or electrical device, barely audible, like background static.
You can hear the devises being turned on and off on the walls in the properties adjacent to mine.
When they are turned on, the tingling starts.
It is possible to sleep if you move away from the devise.

The past number of nights I’ve been moving my bed around. At the moment it’s up against a chest of drawers next to a window.

The spirit of Christmas past
Is this punishment for not signing a contract with Unilever 10 years in my past.

If I’ve done something wrong, shouldn’t the Police arrest me and I be tried?

There’s no reason to torture me. I’m not going to confess to anything.

Nothing’s going to change.
Nothing’s going to happen.

If you believe there’s suddenly going to be a result. You are wrong.

Just thought I’d let you know.

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