Upper Heyford

Upper Heyford

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One of two, Upper and Lower. Upper is slightly North. I don’t think it’s anything to do with elevation.

They’re both small villages on the edge of the canal, looking across the flood-planes of the River Cherwell.

Lower Heyford has a marina and railway station.

The mobile signal down there is abysmal, otherwise it might be a desirable place to be.

Upper Heyford Airbase

Heyford Park
Upper Heyford Airbase

Both Lower and Upper Heyford are on the edge of an airbase of some strategic importance during the cold war. Heyford Park, or Upper Heyford Airbase.

B52 and U-2 aircraft were stationed here in the period from 1952-1965, when it was used for US reconnaissance.

The base was decommissioned in 1994 and since then, it’s been used as a morgue, a storage depot for new cars, and, most recently, the site of 1,000 new starter homes!

Runaway success

I drive through there pretty regularly. It’s not nearly finished yet. But it does have a school and a bowling alley, along with a pub and a Sainsbury’s express.

Development of the retail area is underway…

Unlike other developments in Bicester, which generally detract from the once popular market town’s centre, this Heyford Park has located and developed it’s own centre.

It has good links to the motorway.

Most people seem to think it’s a winner.

I’m inclined to agree.

Wet summer

Yes, summer is crap and I’ve not been getting out as much.

On Sunday, the weather did hold out enough for me to take a jaunt around the locality on the bike.

I went to Enstone and saw these Hoar Stones.

Hoar Stones - Enstone
Hoar Stones – Enstone

I carried on to Chipping Norton, (home of Jeremy Clarkeson), had a Curly Wurly milkshake from Ticketty Shake, and from there, home.

Felt pretty shattered when I got back. Being in the Cotswolds, it’s fairly hilly out there

Steeple Aston Eyecatcher

Earliest example of a ‘sham ruin’

Built by William Kent in 1740, it stands as a totem to the wealth and taste of the local barony at Rousham.

Personally, I find it slightly creepy.

Steeple Aston Eyecatcher
Steeple Aston Eyecatcher
Steeple Aston Eyecatcher
Steeple Aston Eyecatcher

I’m moored about 1 mile away at somewhere called

Allens Lock

Pretty quite here….

Mooring at Allens Lock
Mooring at Allens Lock
Allens Lock - Oxford Canal
Allens Lock – Oxford Canal
Mooring at Allens Lock
Mooring at Allens Lock

Until next time…

One thought on “Upper Heyford

  1. It looks very tranquil there. It’s a shame about the phone signal. Cycling in the Cotswolds is certainly a challenge but will be very good exercise which in this rotten weather is something to be cherished. As you said that construction looks creepy. The canal looks lovely though. X

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