We are all equal – Some of us are more equal than others

We are all equal – Some of us are more equal than others

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A toxic dumping ground for bad debt. Banks offload their debts for taxpayers to pick up the tab.

As the FED has borrowed close to 1 Trillion (900 Billion) to directly the markets.
They’re setting up a root and branch analysis addressing the root problem, Bad Debt.

In this new plan being mulled over by the FED, banks are encouraged to disclose and dump their bad debt.

A provision is set up in Government. This toxic funding area is paid for by the taxpayer.

Post Idealist Socialism

This is the new socialism, bridging the barriers between rich and poor.

It’ll be better for us all in the long run…
and luckily Bush is moving house in November so the toxic shock of the massive favours he’s pulling for his friends in the ‘elite’ won’t be felt ’till then.

Communism by the back door

It’s time to draw the line. Business and state should not be mixed. Taxpayers should not foot the bill for businesses where they have no interest.

Full stop.

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