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Day: September 9, 2020

Day #3: Holyhead to Caernarfon

Day #3: Holyhead to Caernarfon

Believe it or not; 1st proper day of cycling.

Although it was a short one. I was finished by about 3pm. It was the first day I’ve been able to get some speed up without having wind, or rain, or both blasted in my face for 5 hours.

The absence of these two blessed features made me feel a lot better, and it’s the first day it’s actually felt nice.

Windy hiller

Wind is like carrying rocks around. Any momentum is destroyed. All your efforts to move at a reasonable pace are…… destroyed…. It’s like the worst for a cyclist aside from hail and snow and winter stuff.

Today it was relatively lacking.


Accommodation problems

When I reached the destination property which was on a holiday home park called Glan Gwna Holiday Park, I suspected there might be problems as I reached the chalet and it had washing hanging outside. Pairs of jeans, frocks, towels, etc. Normal everyday wash as it looked like.

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