Bangkok for New Year’s on Spring Airlines

Bangkok for New Year’s on Spring Airlines

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Finding it all stressful, so have booked flight to relax and recover.

This flight will be taking me to Thailand for the New Year.

I got it from Spring Airlines which is a new airline in Shanghai.
Having checked on the forum before , the reports are not all good. Ryanair for Chinese.
If that draws pictures in the mind. I will be reporting them.

Spring Airlines
Spring Airlines

My itinerary includes slightly more expensive seats. Around £15 more. Apart from that it’s the bog standard, lowest grade ticket.

It’s not transferable or refundable.

I’m looking forward to some time away.

If you’ve got any advice for Thailand, let me know. (People tell me the monkeys are a danger to everyone!)

5 thoughts on “Bangkok for New Year’s on Spring Airlines

  1. But the image says, in caps CANCELLED. Has New Year been deleted from the Thia calendar – or the Chinese?

    Like the new blog format – much improved.

  2. Lucky old you… whereabouts are you going? Up north to the hills or down south to the beaches? Koh Samet is easy to get to. Probably changed a lot in the last seven years though…

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