Bonnie in London – Tackley to Kings Lock on the Thames

Bonnie in London – Tackley to Kings Lock on the Thames

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Starting at 10.10, it was quite a full day, didn’t manage to stop for a lunch break until 2pm.

The rain had abated pretty much, for most of the journey. Wind was up though and the draft, (canal depth beneath the boat), was shallow making it laborious travel in parts.

I managed to stop to get water. 17 miles seems like a lot in a day.

Last time I came down this way, I made it all the way from Aynho to here in one day!

Shocking. I’ve no idea how I did that.

That’s a lot of boating in one day.

Swimming in the Thames with your waterproofs on

In know swimming in the Thames ain’t strictly recommended, but people do.

It’s deep. I know this because I did some fishing near Sonning a while back.

Plumbing the depth‘, casting off about 3ft from the bank, the depth fell off to 6ft plus.

Again, a little bit surprised at that…..

Imagine if you fall in, with all your waterproofs on. They fill up with water, and as you swim, they drag you to the bottom.

On consideration and in addition to, the slipperyness getting on and off the boat, (up and down ladders) grabbing and grappling with the boat in the rain made me consider my mortality.

And how it could swiftly come to an end if I fell in. In these conditions….


Is kind of like a sports warehouse. Unlike Sports Direct, it’s a more serious offering, rather than a fashion outlet.

I’ve been there a couple of times looking for outdoor items and been able to find, when no-where else could.

This time was no exception. 10 minute cycle from Kings Lock. £27.

Here’s a picture of me, at Kings Lock setting off with my new life-jacket!

Boating badboy

2 thoughts on “Bonnie in London – Tackley to Kings Lock on the Thames

  1. Just looking at the warning board gives me the shakes 🙂
    I hope the rain eases off!

    I do like the new jacket! We’ve also found Decathlon to be a good outlet – a real sports shop.

  2. Hope the weather Improves and the sun shines tomorrow. Love the the Ifebelt… a very sensible addition to your wardrobe. Decathlon is brilliant and the allow dogs in the store. xx

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