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US moves operations to EMP-proof bunker

US moves operations to EMP-proof bunker

People talk about traditional nukes’ when it’s fairly well known the modern threat is from what’s known as EMP, or Electromagnetic Pulse.

Both Russia and China have plans in place focusing on the use of these weapons and on knocking the backbone out of the technical infrastructure in the event of any conflict.

Having said that, it’s interesting to read this article on how the US has taken a step BACKWARDS moving it’s Aviation defense to a 1960’s style cold war bunker.

NEW YORK — One of America’s most potent symbols of the Cold War is to re-open more than a decade after it was abandoned. Cheyenne Mountain, the subterranean bunker and command centre built beneath Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, is being refurbished by the Pentagon to provide protection for America’s modern defense systems that could be targeted by an electromagnetic pulse attack.

Peterson Airbase

The complex was closed in 2006 after the government deemed Russia to no longer be a threat, with NORAD, the North American Aerospace Command, moved to the nearby Peterson Air Force Base. NORAD was housed within the mountain for much of the bi-polar standoff, the organisation’s systems scanning the skies for sign of an impending Soviet nuclear attack.

Cheyenne Mountain

Earlier this week, officials announced that sensitive communications equipment for the US military would be moved to the complex in a $700 million refit to protect it from EMP. “Because of the very nature of the way that Cheyenne Mountain’s built, it’s EMP-hardened,” said US Northern Command Admiral William Gortney.

Cheyenne Mountain
Cheyenne Mountain

The bunker was created in the Sixties, workmen carving a huge hole in the mountain designed to withstand a 30-megaton nuclear attack. The complex has featured several times in popular culture, most notably in the 1983 film “War Games”.

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Dead bankers conspiracy – 68 deaths – 7 discredited in 5 years

Dead bankers conspiracy – 68 deaths – 7 discredited in 5 years

Have done a little research  into the subject from the material in my previous post List of dead bankers 2015 – Conspiracy update.

I’ve broken it down into three fields of interest.

Financial Institutions: Where they worked

Banking industry suicides
Mostly JP Morgan chase

Rank: Their role

Dead bankers
Directors, Managing Directors and senior managers.

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Before I get shot outside a tube station I’d like to point out that the blog has been a innocent victim of a haenous crime. Namely a sabotage by various members of the establishment, namely Che Kee-Poos.

Che took it upon himself to contact my ISP, providing hosting for the blog, and instruct them to block the account. Following a couple of weeks trying to sort it out, I actually had to physically pay them a visit to re-instate my account.

Would an innocent blogster like myself should find myself target to the evil workings of Che.
Comments please.

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