Day 10 – Tarleton lock

Day 10 – Tarleton lock

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Moored this morning at the lock visitor mooring, expecting to take the next high-tide to Savick Brook.

After doing some shopping in the morning, I got back to my boat, had my lunch and prepared for the journey ahead.

Someone from the pinkpigalternative facebook page had mentioned needing to book in with the lock keeper, ‘Harry’.

I sought out this lock-keeper and after not finding him, or anyone at Mayor’s boatyard, I went back finished my cup of tea, grabbed my bike and went back again.

This time I found someone, he said Harry was ill and he was the lock-keeper for now.

Ribble link

He explained getting out onto the River Douglas was fine, great if you want to go into Preston. Getting onto the Ribble Link and up onto the Lancaster canal was a different matter.

That required a booking.

A booking takes time.

Two weeks or so he said.


It’s only taken me 9 to get up here. Now I’m going to have to hang around for 14 days.

In any case, it was up to the CRT who administer the booking.

Tarleton lock to Savick Brook

This is essentially the journey you have to make the booking for.

I phoned up the Canal and Water Trust, Northern office and explained that I wished to make the journey.

After holding for about 5 minutes to get through to someone, I had some difficulty remembering the name of the first lock on the Ribble Link or Lancaster canal that you have to connect to. Savick Brook.

Luckily after some time and guessing, (it’s not included in the OS North Map), she passed me onto her collegue.

I was able to fully explain what I wanted to do. She said to make the Ribble Link from the Leeds and Liverpool to the Lancaster canal, you need to make an application.

Great. So much for forward planning.

Looking at the dates, the crossing finishes on the 6th Oct.

There’s more information on the Ribble Link and crossing from Turleton Locks here.


2 thoughts on “Day 10 – Tarleton lock

  1. What a disappointment. Never saw anything anywhere about having to make an appointment to go on the Lancaster. Will you go along the Leeds & Liverpool to Skipton instead?

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