Day 24: Tadapani -> Gorepani

Day 24: Tadapani -> Gorepani

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Ghorepani is the root of the ‘Poon Hill’ trek. A short trek which gives you a vantage point to some of the mountains I visited more closely on the ABC journey.

For this reason, I wasn’t really too bothered about it. Which was a good thing.

Tadapani -> Ghorepani was a straightforward affair, a few ups and downs’, nothing spectacular.

Easy walk comparatively.

Here’s some pictures from the day.

Ghorepani Poon Hill
Welcome to Poon Hill
Poon Hill Trek
Nice and cloudy
Tadapani - Annapurna National Park
View from Tadapani West

As you may be able to detect from the photo’s, it was a cloudy day.

All the better for making progress.

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