Day 25: Ghorepani -> Ullari

Day 25: Ghorepani -> Ullari

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Guy in the hotel tells me ‘all down-hill’.

What relieving words to hear!

True as well. Apart from a few river valleys, it was all downhill.

Poon Hill

Very cloudy in the morning.

Didn’t bother with it. Some people come specifically for this, but I’ve seen enough.

I can’t believe the views of Annapurna and ‘Fish Tail’ mountain can be beaten by the ones I got from my hotel in Chhomrong.

As for the panorama, it was covered in cloud.

Had some breakfast at around 7, and hit the trail.

Easy mode.

Mountain Yaks - Annapurna
Mountain Yaks – Annapurna


Is where the ‘track’ starts again.

Limited access. 4WD only.

Met one of the Israeli girls I was on the bus with, by chance, and we hung around swopped some stories etc.

She was training to be a doctor and, like many other visitors to Nepal, had come out to Nepal to do some meditative training. V-Life or V-Power or something like that. Involved not speaking for 5 days, just attending meditative training, meditating, eating and sleeping. Feeling the energy within.

She said it was weird talking to people again after 5 days, and using the training to separate their energy from her own.

Sounded a lot like ‘mindfulness’.

Spent about 3 hours in Taxi’s and 4WD’s to get back to Pokhara, which is where I am now.

OYO Courtyard

Staying about a 4min walk from Lakeside.

Had a nice Chicken Biriyani, 1 beer, a cigarette, watched Game of Thrones, went to bed and had a very restful night’s sleep.

chicken biriyani
chicken biriyani

3 thoughts on “Day 25: Ghorepani -> Ullari

  1. but there didn’t seem to be much chicken in the Biriyani …
    I suppose if it’s all downhill you don’t need so much protein though 🙂

  2. Food looks hot and spicy….love downhill…love the cows…great chatting to people…hope the weather is good x

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