Day 42 – Goring to Theale

Day 42 – Goring to Theale

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Starting to feel a bit tired now.

8 days without a break.

Came through Goring and Reading OK. No trouble with the river police over my invalid licence.

Stopped off at Tesco Extra in Reading, which was backing onto the river.

Biggest supermarket I’ve ever been in. Like an American supermarket.

Reading was nice in the sunshine, the River Kennet runs right through the heart of the shopping centre, past Debenhams and McDonalds. Going past McDonalds on the boat. HAHA.

So many shoppers peering over at the boat chugging in amongst them eating their Happy meals and fries.

River Kennet

Has a bit of flow to it this one.

Not much trouble for Bonnie. She’s got an 1800 engine for a 45ft this is a good size.

The River Kennet flows out of Reading to the east.

I pass through a couple of locks, both of which are big and powerful.

Garston lock

The one at Garston is a particular nightmare, water coming over the front went in the door and wet the carpet.

I wasn’t able to exit the boat on my own side, as it’s a scaffold lock, I had to run over the top of my locking partners boat to reach the paddles.

I pulled it back from the lock gate, but not before water had flowed in all over the carpet, which is now drying out.

They’re from Newbury.

They said they usually moor using 2 ropes solo locking because the locks can be a bit frisky.

I can testify to that.

Again, I’m feeling a bit tired, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

Swan on the Thames
Swan on the Thames

Day 42 – Map

2 thoughts on “Day 42 – Goring to Theale

  1. sounds as if you have had your full….water going in the front door…ugh……but it didn’t sink the boat….you got some useful advice which is always nice….another new experience….sounds as if you could do with some chilling time….mistakes are most likely when you are very tired… will be good to be on the Kennet and Avon canal again and be able to stop off when you fancy. Reading sounds nice and the weather even better. Hope you have a lovely restful evening xx

  2. That image of the sunset really is particularly good – deserves to be submitted to somewhere or other.
    Sounds as though being in the lock with a partner-boat was unbelievably good luck, as without their roof to run across you might have been well and truly lumbered !

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