Day 43 – Theale to Newbury

Day 43 – Theale to Newbury

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Getting really bored of writing this blog now.

Can’t wait till it’s over and I can have a rest.

Leaving Theale

Today leaving Theale after my flooding incident at Garston locks.

The boat is more or less dried out.

Here’s a picture of a locks similar to Garston.

Garston Locks
Garston Locks

As you can see, the spouts of water project from under the gate, and in my case straight into the bow area.

On my case, it came up to the windows on the door, and started flowing in the frame.

Pulling the boat to the front of the locks is not a good idea with locks of this design.

Had it got worse, it would have come in through the wall vents.

Still, it’s fixed now.

I need to pick up a relay switch, because the horn no longer works.

RelayTrip to Reading

Didn’t do much on Sunday.

Had to make it into Reading to get supplies. Sat around a bit, did a few other things and watched a film.

Fell asleep before the end.

Yesterday, I moved on from Theale, continuing along the Kennet and Avon canal.

River Kennet

Adds strong flows to the canal at Woolhampton bridge and locks.

My locking partners from my incident at Garston have caught me up and we negotiate the locks up to Woolhampton together.

After that, I have to deal with all the locks and swing bridges myself.

Still, the weather stays good, and I’m able to make good progress, making it past Newbury and under the A34 into the Kennet watermeadows.

Here’s some photos.

Morning Kennet and Avon
Morning Kennet and Avon
Newbury locks
Newbury locks
Newbury Kennet and Avon canal plaque
Newbury Kennet and Avon canal plaque

Day 43 – Map


Just a short video describing my experience at the locks.

4 thoughts on “Day 43 – Theale to Newbury

  1. that must have been quite scary. lone boating can be a lot more risky than when you have someone to give a helfping hand. good there was someone else about. glad we got the bilge pump fixed when she was in the yard.
    hope you get the relay sorted. glad you’re meeting Daniel. Devizes is a lovely place as indeed is Newark!!
    Happy cruising xx

  2. Well hope all now is fully dried. It certainly looks one hell of a whoosh, that water. If you have not as yet seen Daniel, please do give him my best wishes.
    Did you get your relay sorted, too?

  3. Say a big hello to Dan from me! Hope you’re all cosy and dry now and soon get your blog-writing mojo back.

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