Day 46 – Honey Street to Devizes

Day 46 – Honey Street to Devizes

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Penultimate day on the boat…. I suspect.

Honey Street is only down the road from Devizes, saw this on the way. Milk Hill I believe they call it.

Wiltshire white horse
Wiltshire white horse

Weather is only just holding off rain, and cold.

Pass this contraption.

img_1933Filled with hi-vis CRT workers.

On the end it has a fork lift contraption and a massive rotating disk. It looks like something out of ‘Robot Wars’.

Honey Street Visitor moorings

I pass by the visitors moorings in Honey Street, which are outside the ‘Barge Inn’.

Impossible to find either on the OS map, or the internet. Probably about 300 yards from where I moored in someone’s back garden.

Kennet and Avon
Kennet and Avon – Devizes
Small Bream
Small Bream


I intend to stay in Devizes for the next couple of days.

I’ve got the Caen Hill Locks, to content with, plus there are other jobs that need to be done whilst I’m in the city.

I’m currently moored outside the Wharf THeatre, near the Wadsworth Brewery, pretty much the centre of town.

Schoolfriend Dan is coming along today to help me with the locks. Maybe there’ll be some CRT volunteers there as well.

Once that is done, I can go about looking for a moorings.

Looks like I won’t be going back up to Staffordshire, too many stoppages. Plus, I don’t want to go back that way, It’s just too far.


Manage to visit a motorfactor and pick up a new relay. £4.

Horn works again now.

That means that all the damage caused by the flooding incident is now repaired.

Day 46 – Map

2 thoughts on “Day 46 – Honey Street to Devizes

  1. Good to hear Dan is coming to help with locking. Nice big fish. Nice part of the world to spend a bit of time. Enjoy today’s cruising and company x

  2. Goood you’ve got the horn sorted…well done…..shall look forward to visiting you and Bonnie….hope you manage to find a convenient winter mooring down there.

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