Day #9: Builth Wells to Montgomery

Day #9: Builth Wells to Montgomery

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And the Montgomery canal. Which I travelled along for a period.

No boats on it…

Montgomery Canal - Newtown Wales
Montgomery Canal – Newtown Wales

This empty lock is the upper reaches of the canal about 2 miles outside of Newtown.

As you travel further down, it gradually starts filling with water until you reach the first working lock outside of Aberbechan.

Aberbechan lock - Montgomery canal
Aberbechan lock – Montgomery canal

It’s maintained by the Canal and River Trust pretty much as soon as it starts filling up with water.


Was much warmer today. Some places in the UK hit 30 +.

The day started very cloudy in Builth Wells, cold and overcast. Which is fine. Slowly, the sun burnt the cloud down, just leaving some resting in the valleys.

Cloud over Llandidrod Valley
Cloud over Llandidrod Valley

This was taken about 10am.

Things got hotter from then on in…

Severn valley

It was one long ascent to a peak of around 1,100ft just outside Newtown, then a drop with 6 miles into Newtown and the Severn Valley.

Newtown church
Newtown church

Newtown had this nice church, perhaps the best church I’ve seen since being in Wales.

They’re not big on their churches these Welsh. Most tend to be small, understated affairs. This one has done quite well.


Had some lunch in Newtown. Tesco meal deal and ate it in the park.

From here on in cycled down a combination of the Severn Valley Way, and the Montgomery Canal towpath until I reached Montgomery.

Bridge at Abermule
Bridge at Abermule

Managed to stay in the shade for most of the journey, which was a nice touch.

Accommodation at Edderton House

Their Feng Shui consultant appears to have been Aleister Crowley.

Everything arranged in a way so as to give an ‘off center’ or skewed feel. It’s like you look at things, they don’t feel right, then you think it’s your fault and they look nice really.

They don’t. They look weird and out of place.

One of the reviews on said the place was haunted.

It’s an extreme rarity that I’m ever woken by my dreams, but at this place I woke at 2.33am in a dream I was performing with some Black Lives Matter people on stage, and a jay flew squawking into my face. Like crashed into me. Sat bolt upright.

Welcome to Edderton House
Welcome to Edderton House

Got cold chills down my spine for hours after. Strange thoughts interrupted my sleep. The channels on the TV stopped working at around 3.30am, and the screen went blue.

Luckily my phone radio streamed through the internet which provided enough distraction to give me a nights sleep.

I’m someone who needs a little noise, or I don’t find it possible to sleep.

I’ve made a video of the house. Hopefully I’ll put it on here, but at the moment, it’s not uploading, so for now it will have to wait.


Went for an overpriced meal in Montgomery.

It’s more like an English town in design, with that familiar mercantile, tobacco trader layout and feel to it, but on a much smaller scale.

Montgomery - Town Square
Montgomery – Town Square
Montgomery - Merchant storehouse and living quarters
Montgomery – Traders house
Arthur Street - Montgomery
Arthur Street – Montgomery
Daisies - Montgomery
Daisies – Montgomery

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  1. Interesting stuff you come across in your travels.. that’s the nicest thing about travelling. Good that you had shade on your journey that sun sounds very hot. Hope you have a nicd mundane ordinary place to stay tonight and you sleep well x

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