Dead bankers conspiracy – 68 deaths – 7 discredited in 5 years

Dead bankers conspiracy – 68 deaths – 7 discredited in 5 years

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Have done a little research  into the subject from the material in my previous post List of dead bankers 2015 – Conspiracy update.

I’ve broken it down into three fields of interest.

Financial Institutions: Where they worked

Banking industry suicides
Mostly JP Morgan chase

Rank: Their role

Dead bankers
Directors, Managing Directors and senior managers.

Cause of death

The information available at the time of making this report, the cause of death was correct according to verifiable sources on the internet.

What is killing the bankers?
How many ways to kill a banker?


How many bankers have died?
The rise and fall of the masters of the universe.


In summary

JP Morgan Chase employees are most at risk. From the 68 bankers killed under suspicious circumstances, either prematurely or through foul play, nearly 19% are JP Morgan employees at the time of their death.

Financial Institutions

It breaks down as follows:

  1. Bank of America: 3 Executive deaths in the past 2 years.
  2. Deutsche Bank: 2 Executive deaths in the past 2 years.
  3. ING: 2 Executive deaths in the past 2 years.
  4. ABN Amro: 4 Executive deaths in the past 2 years.
  5. JP Morgan Chase: 13 Executive deaths in the past 2 years.

Also notable: The founder of Bitcoin, Autumn Radtke, who ‘committed suicide’ and Ambank founder Hussain Ahmad Najadi who was shot outside a temple in Kuala Lumpa


Almost 67% of the deaths are at Senior Management level or above.

From the figures:

  1. VP/AVP, Vice President/Assistant Vice President: 10 Deaths.
  2. Managing Director: 11 Premature deaths under suspicious circumstances.
  3. CFO/CEO/CIO/CLA/COO/CPO/CRO/CTO, Senior Management: 8 Deaths under suspicious circumstances.
  4. Director: 9 Premature deaths in untimely or suspicious circumstances.
  5. Analysts: 4 Premature deaths under suspicious circumstances.
  6. Traders: 9 Traders killed in untimely or suspicious circumstances.

The largest category was ‘others’.

Some other notables are the Chinese CCP official Li Jianhua, responsible for setting up the Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission Management Committee, who supposedly worked himself to death in 2013.

Also, the retired fund manager and energy expert Thomas Gilbert, who’s son shot him to death after his allowance was cut by $300, and the former British rugby star Graeme Porteous in 2015.

Cause of death

The variety here is quite surprising. From the downing of the stricken Malaysian Airlines – MH17 over Ukraine last summer, to planes downing in the UK channel, throats being slashed, people being shot and throw out of windows, starving in their hotel rooms.

The list of ways to go varies under each circumstance, but can be grouped under the following headings:

  1. Jumped/fell: Bankers jumping[sic] to their death. 11 deaths or suicides.
  2. Shot: Bankers being shot. Either accidentally [sic] or under suspicious circumstances. 9 Bankers killed by shooting incidents.
  3. Railcrash: Bankers killed involving a train. 3 killed by falling under or stepping into the path of an oncoming train.
  4. Drowning: 5 Bankers found dead in the pool, bankers found dead in the sea, bankers dead in water where the water is suspected to have played some part in their death.
  5. Car crash: Bankers killed in a collision involving a car. 8 bankers.
  6. Cycling accident: Those bankers mown off their bikes. 2 deaths.
  7. Poisoning: Bankers dying suspiciously where the cause is attributed to something they ate or drank. 3.


Looks like they started jumping around July 2013 in serious numbers. July 2013 seeing the number of senior, international banker deaths at about 4, in that month. November of that year seeing 4 and December seeing 5.

March of the following year, 2014, saw 6 senior banker deaths in just one month.

April saw 8.

Click for a graph of the full figures. [paiddownloads id=”22″]


Does the high pressure lead people to stressful situations then suicide? When we look at the time graph, it shows that these deaths were not immediately following the financial disaster in 2007-2008, but some 5 years later, spiking in 2013.

Also, the circumstances of death for the majority are suspicious. They are sudden or premature deaths. Often the circumstances surrounding the deaths have not been released to the public.

In some cases the story just seems so implausible, a man slashing his own throat with a knife in the bath. A man shooting himself to death with a nailgun. The banker sharing a family meal, being the only one to feel ill, then dying 2 days later from ‘food poisoning’.

My own personal view is that these are ‘assisted deaths’. The victims are people who would become a liability if the banking sector were to undergo any vilification or admission of liability for the economic disaster. If there was a head-hunt, these are people who would point the finger, possibly blow the whistle.

They are industry insiders, who have special knowledge about what’s going on. Add that to a conscience, and they’re a liability.

Whether they’re actually being murdered, or placed under duress such that they take their own lives can only be deciphered by going through the deaths one by one.

I believe it’s a combination of the both.

There are too many fatalities. The statistics, the unusual circumstances of death and the behavior of the authorities point to foul play. If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

The devil looks after his own

Similar to the Operation Yew Tree pedophile cases, it’s the people who are the more harmless and slightly ridiculous, not the satanic  well connected snuff-video producing perpetrators at the top of the New World Order triangle who will suffer a downfall. More the people getting blow-jobs off teenagers, groping women’s tits in the BBC changing rooms and pinching girls bottoms in London pubs.

Really, the ‘bottom-feeders’ are busted to entertain the generally satanic British public.

Those whose deposition could really cause a shock, and upset the great British buying public, live to fight another day.

I can’t believe these bankers are any different, it’s the weaker links that will be taken out.

As time goes on, you’ll find that the most successful men are the powerful ones, who stoop the lowest to protect their interests.

This is the society we live in.

To download all the statistics, links and references associated with this article, click here.


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