Muscott -> Dodford

Muscott -> Dodford

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I was here earlier on in the year opposite Cannah Mead Wharf, where they do the occasional bit of work.

It’s kind of a nice spot, opposite the meadow.

Dodford - Grand Union
Dodford – In the summer

There are many birds in the hedges here.

Solar is good. Phone signal is strong. When I got here, the C03 alarm was going off in one of the boats opposite and there was a couple of work boats moored behind me.

It had been raining. When I arrived, the owners of the work-boats weren’t aboard so I got the genny out and ran it for a little while to boost the batteries up a bit.

At about 7.30pm, I get a bang on the roof, so I pop my head out. It’s the owner of the work-boats, who’s obviously arrived home and says in a rather surly fashion, ‘Do you mind if you turn that generator off’. So I looks at my watch and says, ‘sure’, ‘it’s not 8 O’clock yet’. To which he says, ‘just a simple request’.

So, I said ‘fine’. ‘When it gets to 8, I’ll turn it off’. And got back on the boat.

It had been raining all day. I was hardly running it for the good of my health.

Anyhow, come 8pm. I was in the middle of doing something, and it was all of about 8.04 by the time I roused myself to go out and turn it off, by which time my neighbours were preparing a visiting party to ‘ave a word’!

I turned it off and the guy stood there, saying nothing… ‘Is that Ok for you? I said, to which he said nothing.

Surly twat he was.

Saw him again the next day. Was going to offer to move my boat, due to the fact he was so surly and rude, I never got that far. Still. I expect the beeping carbon monoxide sensor had kept him awake the whole night.

Never mind!

Dodford - Grand Union
In June
In November

The car is perhaps 1/4 mile walk from the boat. It’s about 1 mile into Weedon and the shops.

I’ve been here for a week now.

Weedon to Upper Heyford Bypass

Weedon to Upper Heyford Bypass
Weedon to Upper Heyford Bypass

They’ve been building the Weedon to Upper Heyford Bypass for about 2-3 years now. Due to Northamptonshire CC running out of money and adverse weather conditions, it’s been slowed down somewhat.

Northampton CC bankruptcy has led to it being taken into national Government Administration, apparently, which is unprecedented.

As you can see from the map, it’s been built alongside the M1 as a bypass to the village of Flore in order to pass planning permission on the construction of new houses.

Weedon Bypass
Weedon Bypass

In the fullness of time, they say that they plan to develop right up to the M1 turning the area into one giant Weedon. A big Flore, or a Florey Weedon depending on how you want to look at it.

Bypass Opens!

Local newspapers inform me that the project is due to open in 4 days time on Thursday 15th November. Flore are celebrating by having a tea party in the village hall. Yey!

Batteries are dying

Apart from that, the batteries on the boat are dying, and I’ll have to get some more.

Not had them long at all. The older ones, I got in Wootton Rivers in Wiltshire.

Not a very long time ago considering the warranty is for 5 years.


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