Painting the water tank (cover)

Painting the water tank (cover)

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Not actually climbing into the water-tank this time. Just on the outside, painting the lid.

It’s been one of those jobs waiting to be done but never got round to it.

The weather has cleared up for the past few days, so I removed it and got some paint on it.

This is when I was painting and sanding it.

Eventually took the orbital out. Sanding by hand just takes too long.


It was looking a bit bland, so I decided to get some stickers for it while I was getting the ones for the boat registration number.

It turned out Ok.

The registration number less so.

Painted the little spot on the top too.

This had been welded and never repainted.

Today, after weeks of sanding, priming and undercoating, I put some Craftmaster – Oxford Blue on it.

The paints I used on the boat were:

Craftmaster – Chalky White
Craftmaster – Oxford Blue
Rylards – Montego Blue

Walk around Flore

And to the pub eventually.

What a treat.

Took these rather attractive pictures at Flores All Saints Chapel on the eve of their annual flower festival.

All Saints Chapel - Flore
All Saints Chapel – Flore

Very fetching.

All Saints Chapel - Flore
All Saints Chapel – Flore

Lonely Duck

Spotted this solo duckling with mother.

Usually, you’re getting a brood of 5-8 ducks.

This one there was only one.

Felt a bit sorry for mommy duck, just with one hatchling.

Lone Duck
Little duck with mom

3 thoughts on “Painting the water tank (cover)

  1. Morning Michael, you did a great article on derusting and painting your water tank, which I would like to send to my brother in law because we are going to be doing the same to my tank in July. It hasn’t been touched in 10 years. Gulp! Please can you send me the link?
    Thank you, Clare on NB Billy

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