Remove redundant styles with Dust-me Selectors

Remove redundant styles with Dust-me Selectors

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Part of keeping stylesheets up-to-date involves searching through the styles and removing them which have expired with no further use, previously involving a print out of the stylesheet, highlight pen and a copy of your source code.

A boring but essential part of everyday programming.

This Firefox plug-in is free and will remove all those redundant styles without the boring but necessary job of going through yourself.

Grab it here.

One thought on “Remove redundant styles with Dust-me Selectors

  1. Great tool. But if you have large CSS files, deleting all by hand takes too long.

    So if you are gonna use it:
    Here’s a tool to actually delete the unused css chunks using the results of this plugin:
    Start it, in the menu: go to General/Handy Tools/Clean CSS

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