Up the Junction

Up the Junction

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Norton Junction to be exact.

After waiting at the top of Buckby Locks for a couple of days, I moved down here to Norton Junction which is where the Oxford Line of the Grand Union meets the Leicester Line.

It’s probably 2 miles away from Norton village.

It’s quite pretty here though, and we’ve got a view across the fields toward Welton village, of which you can see the church spire.

Grand Union Norton Junction
Welton Village in the distance

The canal runs between the two villages of Welton and Norton.

Welton used to be home to a large manor house called Welton Place, until 1972 when it was demolished.

Some of the classic foliage planted by the eminent Clarke family remains at Welton Place‘s previous location in the village and are protected.

Norton Junction on the Grand Union
Norton Junction on the Grand Union

It’s a long way away from train and motorway noise, which is a welcome respite.

The only sound is the sound of boats passing by and cows mooing in the nearby field.

Although, a magpie was on my roof the other day and trod all over the solar panels.

Ducks get up there sometimes. They are pretty messy buggers also.

Long Buckby Castle

Took a walk to Buckby the other day and discovered this medieval location at the heart of Buckby.

I never knew it was there!

Buckby Castle, which is rather a grand title considering it’s just a mound of earth nowadays.

The original settlement dates back to c. 1200AD.

According to this plaque; built by the Norman overlords to look after their newly acquired lands.

Still, here’s what it looks like.

Not so grandiose.

Long Buckby Castle
Long Buckby Castle

Walking under the railway bridge on the way back home.

Railway bridge - Long Buckby
Railway bridge – Long Buckby

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