VOD: Russian worst parent award + Girl and kayak vs bear

VOD: Russian worst parent award + Girl and kayak vs bear

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High rise kid

In the Soviet Union they still have these high rises, and you can see, the kid is not much scared of them.

He balances on the ledge… moves steadily out until he’s stood on the ledge of the window with only his socks on… a hundred feet plus above the ground.

The kid’s got bottle. His parents have no brains for letting him out there in the first place.

Kid balance on window ledge of Russian high rise
High rise kid

Does a bear….

Do what it’s told?

This girl is privileged, in that nature understands and responds to her, only doing completely the opposite of what she commands…

She becomes more agitated as the bear continues with it’s disobedience – by pawing at her kayak. Although the kayak doesn’t seem to sustain any serious damage, the girl is hysterical and mystified as to

  • …Why the bear won’t listen to her
  • …Why the bear won’t do as it’s told
  • …Why oh why are you attacking my kayak 😨
  • …Why you no speak ingrish?…
Mischievious black bear investigates canoe.
My little bear, not.

Maybe it’s a Chinese bear?

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