Day 20 – Dundee to Edinburgh

Day 20 – Dundee to Edinburgh

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“All down hill”, said the host at my last B&B.

Tayside isn’t particularly a flat place.

It is very picturesque, and when I woke up, it was covered in fog.


Spent most of my day going up and down little hills.

Roll-on the disused railways lines of route 1.

Today was a simple 60 mile jaunt.

Finally, my body and metabolism recovered from the excesses of my night out in Aberdeen.

Don’t do it. Need to talk to someone?

The signs said going over.

The Forth bridge looked good as I was crossing it. Again, in fog.

Tomorrow I power on toward the border, I want to stop in Newcastle and see what gives.

Here’s some pictures from along the way.

Tay bridge - Newport on Tay
Tay bridge – Newport on Tay
Forth railway bridge
Forth railway bridge
Lil house on the prarie
Lil house on the prarie


Map – Day 20

One thought on “Day 20 – Dundee to Edinburgh

  1. That night in Aberdeen sounds good…lots of nice whiskey up there 🙂 Love the picture of the Bridge through the clouds. Newcastle is lovely…especially that lovely Jordi accent…..enjoy that:-) Hope the weather holds good for you over the Pennines too 🙂
    You must be as fit as a fiddle now. Enjoy your day xx

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