Day 22: Annapurna – Acclimatising

Day 22: Annapurna – Acclimatising

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Or resting.

Took the morning to dry my clothes and various belongings out, and about a day to do the blog.

Sat around for a bit.

Talked to other trekkers. Swapped stories. Mooched down to the hot-springs for an evening soak for my muscles. Called it a day.

These were all taken around Chhomgrong:

Annapurna from the South
Annapurna from the South
View South across the Modi river
View South across the Modi river
Fishtail Mountain
Fishtail Mountain – sacred mountain you are forbidden to climb this
Walk back from the Springs

One thought on “Day 22: Annapurna – Acclimatising

  1. Fantastic scenery. Sounds as if you’re enjoying a nice restful break. Hot springs sound amazing. Stay safe x

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