Dodford -> Whilton

Dodford -> Whilton

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Skipping Muscott, made my way to Whilton, a short distance away from the marina.

As always, I’ve tried to moor in the sun.

I like to wake up in the morning and see as much sunshine as possible.
Same goes throughout the day.
As well as that, it keeps the solar charging 🙂

Bonnie Lady
Bonnie Lady

This is one of first pictures with my new phone.

As you can see, I’ve painted the front doors.

It looks a lot better.

Winter moorings

At this time of the year, some continuous cruisers move on to more permanent ‘winter moorings’ provided by the CRT for the winter months.

They’re not free. They’re not even great value.

They do mean you don’t have to negotiate muddy towpaths searching for mobile phone signals in the dead of winter.

For this winter, I’m moored in Braunston.


It’s got a post office, a shop, a chippy and a few pubs.

I don’t have to travel to the elsan, (to empty the toilet), and other boater facilities, such as water and refuse disposal.

There’s a Midland Chandlers in town which stocks overpriced coal.

No doubt I’ll be dropping in there throughout the course of my stay.

Whilton -> Braunston

This is a 7 mile journey through 12 locks. I’m going to be making the journey on Sunday, with a little help.

6 thoughts on “Dodford -> Whilton

  1. I love the doors…a nice finishing touch to the Bonnie Lady. 12 locks….a good days worth..glad you’re having a little help will make it that much quicker. It will be so good to be tied up over the winter….no more trudging in the cold and wet and it’s great that all facilities are close by…very convenient. Enjoy the winter mooring and the cruise on Sunday and the company too…hope you get a nice sunny day. x

  2. Right – I have looked it all up on the CRT website. Can you please send my a ‘pin’ again to give me your precise location for Sunday. Looking forward to all those locks – and a tunnel, no less!

  3. Had a good day getting up (and down) the locks and through my first canal tunnel, with a nice salad lunch break and quite warm day. Interesting to see how chatting to people at the lock gate with the boat left to sulk on its own can lead to challenging outcomes 😀
    Let us know if you decide to stay at the almost rural ‘edge of town’ mooring, or edge back into the village a bit, instead.

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