Severn Trent Billing tries to Scam me out of money – Part #2

Severn Trent Billing tries to Scam me out of money – Part #2

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Severn Trent ScammersFollowing nasty comments:-

Received this email from ST

  • Dear Mr Tyler
  • Your recent blog post regarding the billing issues you’re having with us
  • (Severn Trent Water) was highlighted to me via a Google alert. I’d like to
  • help.
  • First, please accept my apologies for the issues you’re experiencing. I
  • won’t pretend to know what’s happened, but I do think I can raise this with
  • the appropriate people to get things straightened out.
  • I realise that this is beginning to sound like another dubious email that’s
  • trying to get secure details from you, so please do feel free to call our
  • Head Office switchboard (under contact us on our website) and ask for me
  • should you wish to confirm things.
  • As I understand it from your blog post:
  • Early 2007 – you notified us you would be vacating the property on Date
  • “X”, settled your account and closed it
  • July 2007 – you received a bill for £74.20 addressed to “Nameless Resident”
  • which you paid
  • November 2007 – you informed us you were still at the address and we billed
  • you for £96.80, which you paid
  • Late 2007 – we billed you for a further £74.20, which (I assume) is for the
  • earlier period covered by the bill addressed to “Nameless Resident”
  • What would be useful is if you could confirm the sequence of events as
  • above, your account number, address and contact details. I can then take
  • this up with staff within our billing department and see if I can get it
  • sorted.
  • Kind regards
  • Darren Sandbach
  • Web Executive
  • Brand and Strategic Communications
  • Severn Trent Water Ltd
  • 2297 Coventry Road
  • Birmingham
  • B26 3PU
  • Tel: 888
  • Mobile: 88
  • Fax: 888

Pretty much speaks for it’s self.

I gave Darren a ring and left him a voice mail.

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