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Dead bankers conspiracy

List of dead bankers 2018 – conspiracy update

Michael Tyler


Owner and main contributor to the blog.

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**Update January 2018

**Update October 2017

There was a number of deaths in 2017, most of them I picked up second hand. As I’ve said before, I try to stick to the main players.
I’ve added the deaths for this year to the list.

**Update October 2016

Yep. The list keeps growing. Just focusing on major players, or cases where ‘foul-play’ may be involved. I’ve done a little research into the causes of all these bankers dying, which can be found at the bottom of the article.

Having had to spend too much time on youtube recently, has led to the accumulation of the latest and most credible conspiracy theories.

Perhaps the most interesting, is the demise of the common-or-garden ‘master of the universe’. Banker, as they were once known.
They’ve been having problems with mortality recently.
And there’s a very long list of them.

“Everyone is expendable”

 I remember this guy telling me a story about the Porton Down scientists in the 70’s, and how they all went missing or died, after conducting a lot of ‘hush hush’ experiments.

I was perhaps 26 at the time. Youngster.

Also, David Kelly, our ‘Walter Mitty’ style friend the nuclear inspector who blew the whistle on the ‘dodgy dossier’, and, ironically said he’d end up dead in the woods.

3 weeks later he was found dead in the woods…..

These bankers are no different.

If any one of them decides to have an attack of conscience, the whole NWO and shitty gravy train could come off the railsBanker dies on railings.

China’s economy is the final dollop of shit heading toward the fan.

Today they announced that they were experiencing the slowest level of growth in 25 years

So here’s the list.

(Photo By Dennis Gill 07926643703 Suicide Marylebone guy falls or jumps from building and lands on metal rails takes fire service over 3 hours to cut the dead body off the metal railings leaving residents very upset as it took them over one hour to cover the seen Body on fence for over one hour for all to see up setting for locals this all happened on Montagu Square at the corner of Montagu Place leaving residents very distressed)

List of dead bankers 2018

Bruce Steinberg & family 80. December 31st, 2018 – Bruce Steinberg: Was among 12 killed in a plane crash in the Costa Rican rain forest near Punta Islita. The plane crashed en-route to the capital, San José shortly after take off. All 5 immediate family were killed in the crash.
Steinberg, 50, was a senior member of Bridgewater’s research team, according to a company spokeswoman.
Prior to joining Bridgewater, he had worked at several banks including UBS AG, Royal Bank of Scotland Plc and Credit Suisse Group AG Source. (Similar death of Richard Cousins head of Compass Group PLC. A plane crash in ‘totally inexplicable’ circumstances on the same day.

Michael Treichl 79. June 20th, 2017 – Michael Treichl: Multi-million pound hedge fund manager and investment bank. Michael Treichl, (pronounced to rhyme), was arrested under investigation for arson of their £12m manor-house, Parnham house in Beaminster, Dorset (source).
Apparently distraught at the destruction of the property, Treichl was found four days later floating face down in Parnham House carp lake.
There has been unconfirmed speculation in Britain and Austria that Michael was in financial trouble, and his spending beginning to spiral out of control. Source.

78. June 12th, 2017 – Dan Hanegby: Investment banker from Credit Suisse Group was crushed by NYC bus.
The executive was apparently riding a ‘citi’ bike to work when he lost his balance and fell under a city transport bus.
He also worked at Morgan Stanley as a VP. Source.

Neil Rodney Smith 77. June 23rd, 2017 – Neil Rodney Smith: CEO of investment firm Infraccess.
The 57-year-old was discovered lying on his back in bed with a wet towel stuffed in his mouth and a pillow over his face inside the apartment.
“A roommate heard a guy in there with him. He heard them having sex,” the source added.
Police are now investigating whether there was foul play involved in the banker’s death. Source.

Vusi Mhlanzi - Dead banker76. September 1st 2017 – Vusi Mhlanzi : Mhlanzi managed a team that structured and placed debt capital markets instruments for corporates, state-owned entities, municipalities and the National Treasury. This was through a co-founded company Basis Points Capital, where he was CEO.
Mhlanzi was shot 6 times at a busy traffic intersection in his Mercedes Benz in Sandown, SA.
Official sources at the scene could not ‘confirm it was a ‘hit”.
He had 18 years experience in the industry, and previously was Head of Debt Origination in Investec Bank’s Specialised Finance division.

Miguel Blesa75. July 20, 2017 – Miguel Blesa: 69-year-old former chairman of Caja Madrid.
The former executive was being investigated for his part in a$17.85 million expenses fraud.
Killed by a ‘gunshot wound to the chest’ whilst holidaying at a private hunting estate with friends. Source.

James Starkey Banker74. 31st October 2016 – James Starkey: Banker of Australian-British origin working for London banking consultancy, Catalyst in South Africa and Australia.
James Starkey’s dead body was found in Raphael Penthouse Suites, Johannesburg on October 8th showing signs of a brutal assault.
Three weeks after the assault and murder in the complex having “tight, highly effective, and extremely efficient security controls”, police chiefs said “motive has not yet been established”, and “there are no witnesses”.
He worked for JP Morgan, Macquarie Bank, Ernst and Young and Goldman Sachs in the past.

Korkky sisters73. 24th September 2016 – Korkki sisters: Annie and Robin, two sisters on holiday in the Seychelles were found dead and unresponsive on the bed of their luxury villa.
Annie Korkki, 37, who works for JP Morgan Chase in Denver and Robin Korkki, 42, a trader from Chicago were found together the $1,800-a-night Maia Resort by hotel staff.
A preliminary examination conducted by police indicated there were no signs of violence or aggression on the women’s bodies.
Their heartbroken family is currently pressing officials for answers into what led to their sudden deaths.


Oliver Dearlove72. 28th August 2016 – Oliver Dearlove: Relationship manager who worked for Duncan Lawrie bank in Belgravia, London, having previously worked for Coutts, (the Queens bank), and Barclays. Both in similar roles.
Mr. Dearlove had been returning from a night out when the incident occurred. It was an attack which friends and relatives said would usually be avoided by Mr. Dearlove and the means and circumstances remain unclear.


william broeksmit71. 26th March 2014 – William Broeksmit: Risk overseer for Deutsche Bank.
Broeksmit was “instrumental as a founder of our investment bank” – Deutsche Bank.
Broeksmit “was a pioneer in interest rate swaps” while at Continental Bank in Chicago, but areas of his Deutsche work were placed under investigation in the UK LIBOR fixing scandal.
Last year, Deutsche Bank agreed to pay $2.5billion (£1.76billion) to resolve any investigations by the authorities in Britain. Mr. Broeksmit was found hanging by his dogs’ leash in his Kensington flat.


Martin Senn70. 30th May 2016 – Martin Senn: Former CEO of Zurich Insurance.
Described as withdrawn and reclusive following his departure from the company, Martin Senn, apparently shot himself in his Swiss resort home in Klosters.
It’s said that he was under stress after a failed merger with insurance company RSA. The company also suffered to due to exposure to loses incurred in blasts in Tianjin which killed which killed 173 people in Sept. 2015.
It comes three years after the suicide of his colleague, Pierre Wauthier, also featured on this list.


Alex Lagowitz69. 23rd May 2016 – Alex Lagowitz; The futures trader with Meryll Lynch took magic mushrooms with his flatmate, and later plunged to his death from his 16th story Manhattan apartment.
Police on the scene billed it death by misadventure, “When you take these mushrooms, they make you hallucinate and, in some cases, if you take enough of them, they make you believe that you can fly like Superman”.
Whiff of foul-play making it a contender in this list.


Aleksandr Potyomkin68. 4th May 2016 – Aleksandr Potyomkin: Director of Russian Central Commercial Bank in the Bashkortostan region of Russia.
The subject was found dead in the stairwell of his apartment block with gun shot wounds to the head. Source.


Roger Agnelli67. 21st March 2016 – Roger Agnelli: 56-year-old banker Roger Agnelli, who turned a Brazil mining company into the world’s largest iron-ore producer. Agnelli—who took over Vale’s helm in 2001 after spending most of his career in banking. His single-engine turboprop came down in a residential neighborhood about three minutes after leaving Campo de Marte airport en route to Rio de Janeiro Source.


Jimmy Lee66. 17th June 2015 – Jimmy Lee: 64 Year old Wall street veteran died today after arriving home from a session at the gym and reported feeling ‘breathless’. He was taken to hospital and later died. His death was reported as ‘unexpected’.
Jimmy Lee had worked at JP Morgan Chase as Vice Chairman of the company he had joined in 1975.
He is the most senior banker since 2013 to have met a premature death. Source.


Thomas J Hughes65. 28th May 2015 – Thomas J Hughes: 29 Year old investment banker from a successful background takes his life.
Hughes jumped from the fourteenth floor of the Ocean Apartments on West Avenue NYC, de-capitating himself on railing before falling onto oncoming traffic. Source.


Abid Gilani - Dead banker64. May 13 2015 – Abid Gilani: Senior VP for Wells Fargo bank. Mr. Gilani worked as Senior Vice President for Wells Fargo Hospitality Finance Group. Mr. Gilani was killed in an AMTRAK train crash along with 8 other people. News reports that the brakes on the New York bound train failed, causing it to enter a 80 k/mh bend at 164 k/mh. Source.


Graeme Porteous63. Feb 07 2015 – Graeme Porteous: Ex-investment banker previously working for JP Morgan and UBS investment banks covering the energy and mining sectors. Killed when skiing off piste with friends. News reports that Mr. Porteous was a very experienced skier, and would never put his friends and family at risk in such a way. Source.


Aditya Tomar62. Feb 04 2015 – Aditya Tomar: Vice president of Technology JP Morgan. Also worked for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. and for Barclays Capital, supporting electronic and algorithmic rates trading. Killed in NY railcrash. Source.


Joseph Nadol61. Feb 04 2015 – Joseph Nadol: Financial aerospace analyst for JPMorgan. Killed by SUV driver on railway crossing. Source.



60.  Jan o9 2015 – Omar Meza. Board executive for AIG Financial Distributors in the US. Found dead in the pool of a Marriott hotel. Source.

59. Jan 2015 – Thomas S. Gilbert Sr, 70, Hedge fund manager. Shot by his son for reducing his allowance. Source.

 1. Nov – Shawn Miller, 42, Citigroup managing director – found dead in bathtub with throat slashed. Murder weapon is missing. – Reference.

2. Oct – Edmund Reilly, 47, a trader at Midtown’s Vertical Group, threw himself in front of a speeding Long Island Rail Road commuter train. – Reference.
3. Jan – William ‘Bill’ Broeksmit, 58, HUNG/POSSIBLE SUICIDE – Reference.
4. June – Richard Gravino, 49, Application Team Lead, JP Morgan, SUDDEN DEATH cause unknown/pending

5. June – James McDonald – President & CEO of Rockefeller & Co – apparently self-inflicted, GUNSHOT WOUND

6. May – Thomas Schenkman, 42, Managing Director of Global Infrastructure, JP Morgan, SUDDEN DEATH, cause unknown/pending

7. May – Naseem Mubeen – Assistant Vice President ZBTL Bank, Islamabad, SUICIDE jumped

8. May – Daniel Leaf – senior manager at the Bank of Scotland/Saracen Fund Managers, FELL OFF A CLIFF

9. May – Nigel Sharvin – Senior Relationship Manager Ulster Bank manage portfolio of distressed businesses, ACCIDENTAL DROWNING

10. April – Lydia (no surname given) 52, France’s Bred-Banque-Populaire, SUICIDE jumped – Reference.

11. April – Li Jianhua, 49, Non-bank Financial Institutions Supervision Department of the regulator, HEART ATTACK

12. April – Benedict Philippens, Director/Manager Bank Ans-Saint-Nicolas, SHOT

13. April – Tanji Dewberry – Assistant Vice President, Credit Suisse, HOUSE FIRE

14. April – Amir Kess, co-founder and managing director Markstone Capital Group private equity fund, CYCLIST HIT BY CAR

15. April – Juergen Frick, 48, Bank Frick & Co. AG, SHOT Dead

16. April – Jan Peter Schmittmann – former CEO of Dutch Bank ABN Amro, (Possibly suicide, SHOT)

17. April – Andrew Jarzyk – Assistant Vice President, Commercial Banking at PNC Financial Services Group, MISSING/DEAD

18. March – Mohamed Hamwi – System Analyst at Trepp, a financial data and analytics firm, SHOT

19. March – Joseph Giampapa – JP Morgan lawyer, CYCLIST HIT BY MINIVAN

20. March – Kenneth Bellando, 28, (youngest) former JP Morgan, SUICIDE, allegedly jumping from his apartment building. – Reference.

21. Feb – John Ruiz Morgan Stanley Municipal Debt Analyst, died suddenly, NO CAUSE GIVEN

22. Feb – Jason Alan Salais, 34, Information Technology specialist at JPMorgan, FOUND DEAD outside a Walgreens pharmacy

23. Feb – Autumn Radtke, CEO of First Meta Bitcoin, a cyber-currency exchange firm, “Suspected SUICIDE” – Reference.

24. Feb – James Stuart Jr., Former National Bank of Commerce CEO, FOUND DEAD – Reference.

26. Feb – Li Junjie, JP Morgan, Alleged SUICIDE after jumping from the JP Morgan HQ in Hong Kong – Reference.

27. Feb – Ryan Henry Crane, 37, Executive at JP Morgan, SUDDEN DEATH cause unknown – Reference.

28. Feb – Richard Talley — A coroner’s spokeswoman Thursday said Talley was found in his garage by a family member who called authorities. They said Talley died from seven or eight self-inflicted wounds from a nail gun fired into his torso and head. — Reference.

29. Jan – Gabriel Magee, 39, JP Morgan employee, dead after allegedly jumping from the rooftop of JP Morgan HQ in Europe – Reference.

30. July – Julian Knott, 45, JPMorgan Executive Director, Global Tier 3 Network Operations, allegedly shot his wife multiple times, then shot himself dead. – Reference.

The villa where Julian and Alita Knott were found shot dead

31. Jan – Mike Dueker, Suicide — “Suicide” By 13 Meter Embankment (40-50 feet). He may have jumped over a 4-foot (1.2-meter) fence before falling down a 40- to 50-foot embankment.” – Reference.

Dueker worked at Seattle-based Russell for five years, and developed a business-cycle index that forecast economic performance. He was previously an assistant vice president and research economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. – Reference.

32. Jan – Tim Dickenson, Communications Director at Swiss Re AG, SUDDEN DEATH cause unknown

33. Dec 2013 – Robert Wilson, a retired hedge fund founder, apparent SUICIDE leaped to his death from his 16th floor residence

34. Dec 2013 – Joseph . Ambrosio, age 34, Financial Analyst for J.P. Morgan, died suddenly from Acute Respiratory Syndrome

35. Dec 2013 – Benjamin Idim, CAR ACCIDENT

36. Dec 2013 – Susan Hewitt – Deutsche Bank, DROWNING

37. Nov 2013 – Patrick Sheehan, CAR ACCIDENT

38. Nov 2013 – Michael Anthony Turner, Career Banker, CAUSE UNKOWN

39. Nov 2013 – Venera Minakhmetova Former Financial Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, CYCLIST HIT

40. Oct 2013 – Michael Burdin, SUICIDE

41. Oct 2013 – Ezdehar Husainat – former JP Morgan banker, killed in FREAK ACCIDENT when her SUV crushed her to death

42. Sept 2013 – Guy Ratovondrahona -Madagascar central bank, Sudden death – cause not confirmed

43. Aug 2013 – Pierre Wauthier, SUICIDE

44. Aug 2013 – Moritz Erhardt, SUICIDE

45. July 2013 Hussain Najadi CEO of merchant bank AIAK Group, SHOT

46. July 2013 Carsten Schloter, SUICIDE

47. July 2013 Sascha Schornstein – RBS in its commodity finance, MISSING

48. April 2013 David William Waygood, SUICIDE

49. Mar 2013 – David Rossi – communications director of troubled Italian bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena (MPS), SUICIDE.

50. Keiran Toman, 39, former banker who believed he was being stalked by a reality TV crew starved to death in a hotel room, after leaving the “do not disturb” sign on door for TWO weeks.

[Highly suspicious claims, as many of us probably know that the hotel cleaning staff will knock on the door after 24 hours and eventually enter the room if failing to respond].

An inquest was opened after his death in July 2010 but his family asked for a second hearing as they were not informed. Police found all of Mr Toman’s possessions in the room, but despite documents mentioning his family, failed to tell them he had died. — Reference.

51. Nicholas Austin, 49, A former bank manager from Hersden died after drinking antifreeze in an effort to “get high”. was found in a coma by his wife Lynn at their home in Blackthorne Road on October 5. He died the same day. – Reference.

“I took special note of the last one – he died drinking antifreeze in an attempt to “get high”! Funny one that is, as if a banker would be stupid enough to try that. The list is shocking, I never saw so many suicides and car accidents. No gall bladder stones, cancer deaths, strokes, or simply falling ill, it is just a litany of action. That pretty much says it all.” – Jim Stone Freelance

The list continues…

52. Melissa Millian, 54, Senior Vice President at MassMutual Financial Group, stabbed in the chest near a jogging alley in Connecticut – Reference.

53. Karl Slym, 51, Tata Motors managing director – not a banker, but a top official that could be connected somehow to the others – discovered dead on the fourth floor of the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok.

54. Geert Tack was a private banker for ING and managed portfolios of wealthy clients in Belgium. The cause of death was unknown at the time of the report, but he disappeared in mysterious circumstances, after driving his personal car to a garage from which he took a replacement car to an unknown destination. His body was found in November 2014 near the shores of the Ostend coast. – Reference.

55. Thieu Leenen, 64, Relatiemanager ABN/AMRO, Eindhoven, Nederland

56. Calogero Gambino, 41, Associate General Counsel and Managing Director at Deutsche Bank, America – Alleged SUICIDE by hanging – Reference.

57. Thierry Leyne, 48, banker at Anatevka S.A., Israël, “apparent SUICIDE”- Reference.

58. Therese Brouwer, 50, Managing Director ING, Nederland – Died in MH17 Crash – For me, this is absolutely HUGE, as I’ve spent weeks debunking the official story and, IMO, proving the false flag. – Reference.

 Another one, is the dead scientists. You can look into that here
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    1. I don’t think Ritalin is going to kill you in the bath with a nailgun.
      More of these cases are suspicious .

      The circumstances of death, in many cases, seem a little macabre, almost as if someone was trying to put the fear of ‘god’ into them.
      What do you think?

  1. Not sure where you saw that Martin Senn left a note. Please re read the article in question and you will find out it was not him…

  2. Could it be the Banks are killing employees to collect on Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) as well as silence these people forever. They carry policies on bank employees from tellers to presidents with higher yields on the top positions. This is yet another shady scheme cooked up by the banks and their partners in crime the insurance industry. The banks troll obituaries each month for current and ex-employees to collect on this insurance. The banks have pocketed billions from this practice. I personally called my state’s attorney generals office and was told BOLI is considered a “Trade Secret”. It’s a secret alright. The families don’t see a dime of the proceeds of this insurance. This should be illegal. It definitely gives the banking families motives to kill employees. I started noticing all the dead bankers in 2011. At that time over 600 had died. 2012 it was over 800 and by 2013 it was over 1000. I figured at the time that they were leaving because the banking industry is being brought up on charges for crimes against humanity and these people did not want to stick around to face the music. By 2013 I had learned to communicate with my God-Mind. I asked to be shown the truth behind the dead bankers and Bank Owned Life Insurance came up front and center. I was shocked. “Truth” has a frequency and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

    1. i would say the BOLI is a side benefit, as these psychopaths (luciferian serpent seed jews and gentile go-alongs) always do things for multiple reasons/benefits. the main reason is probably that these victims knew much, and were going to go public, or leak it out some way. what is coming is probably a nationalization of everybody’s bank accounts, retirement accounts/funds, brokerage accounts, and the like, to “save the system”, after some natural or man-made disaster or financial crisis. there is a price to be paid for liberty, and almost nobody on earth today knows what it is, nor is willing to pay it. it is knowledge by “proving yourself worthy through study”, as the Bible teaches, and being active in your system of government to keep the parasites out, i.e. “those that call themselves jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of satan, and they do lie”— Revelations 2:9 and 3:9. the people cannot allow themselves to be divided on every meaningless line, as race, gender, religion, because when that is done, the people never unify behind the real issues of sound money system (the monetary system, i.e. the illegitimate federal reserve system), restoring private property ownership (we don’t have it in America, as everything is owned in your all capital letter strawman name, which is property of the United States), and creating free markets again where the best ideas/technologies/companies prosper. you say we do have free market capitalism in America? yeah, that’s what you’ve been taught, and it is a lie, just like the lies of conspiracy theories don’t exist, vaccinations are good/necessary, fluoride is safe and reduces dental disease, public school is good, the FDA and other government agencies are looking out for you and your family’s welfare, GMO foods are good (and are not bioweapons designed to hurt and eventually kill you), the bank loaned you money so you have to pay it back, and wireless frequencies from cell phones & wifi & smart electric and gas meters & even cordless phones are not harmful to us in any way. waking up to reality that’s been right in front of us is shocking, and scary for most, but it is also exhilirating and liberating, as it verifies feelings we’ve had in our “gut” for a long time, and these revelations are necessary before we can do something to fix them, and create the world we all desire!

  3. It explains that there are financial motives, legal financial motives which stand to make it worth while in a financial sense to kill bankers off.
    In another sense, it re-enforces the sense of authority of the management in the bank and beyond; through fear, fear of the unknown, fear of stepping out of line, fear of upsetting the gravey-train in any way. Fear of being the next dead banker.

  4. This is what needs to be investigated. Most of these people have very important positions. Most of the employers have Key Man Insurance in the event there is a death of a key employee. If not this insurance then just regular insurance….called term that would be very inexpensive because most of these people are young and healthy. These companies stand to make an incredible amount of money from the loss of these employees in the event of their death. Like the story goes in basic investigation, “follow the money!”

  5. How about Michael Schumacher, killed last year in a one-car accident in Wyoming? He had been a banker in Sioux Falls, SD.

  6. The photo for “71. 26th March 2014 – William Broeksmit” is actually of the CEO of Deutsche Bank instead of Broekstmit. Compare them on pages such as


    The Banker Suicides: “He hung himself with the dog’s leash”

    Anyway, our Governments are actually all Companies,
    so are our so-called police/justice system and all, therefore they wouldn’t tell us real stories but hide everything.

    fraud means that companies calling themselves ‘Government’, ‘Police’ and so forth swindling us, the nation, the people and stealing our health, wealth, freedom and rights.

    If a company named KFC for example tells you that they are holding a court hearing and you must come, do you obey? No. Because KFC doesn’t have such authority.

    Same with GOVisCO, they are just companies therefore they have no authority or power to charge you tax, permit fees, fines etc along with a right to hold an election or sign an international (FAKE) treaty such as TPP.

    Therefore, we the people should use this fraud of theirs, demand them a verifiable counter proof for them to claim they are real Governments and Governments’ bodies, which they have none, and topple the fake Gov, wake up to the lie called ‘parliamentary politics’ which is just a politics of greed, and start a new.

  7. No.49 on your list David Rossi

    **Warning** Graphic Video Content!!

    The Banker Suicides: Newly leaked video casts doubt on banker’s ‘suicide’

    **Warning** Graphic Video Content!!

    Maybe you’ve seen this already, but just in case.

    Learned about you from Tony Gosling interview on Richie Allen Show, will drop by again to read more.


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