Hungerford Marsh -> Hungerford

Hungerford Marsh -> Hungerford

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Not much of a move.

Had to go and get water, turn the boat around.

Marsh is about a mile or so out of town.

Now I’m moored right outside St. Lawrence church, by the swing bridge.



Had a guy come past last night, wanted to catch fresh water shrimps under the boat.

I wonder if these may make a tasty meal….

Post Restanté

There aren’t any post offices around that do this service, I cycled to Kintbury yesterday to find that my mail had been returned to sender.

No post office in Hungerford. No post office in Kintbury. Makes it a logistical nightmare.

Apart from that, Hungerford has

  • Parking
  • Broadband (three and O2)
  • Shops
  • Pump out & water

No refuse. You have to go back to Bedwyn for that. A seven mile journey.

Pink Chestnut
Pink Chestnut
White Chestnut
White Chestnut


Is alright. And it’s bank holiday.

One thought on “Hungerford Marsh -> Hungerford

  1. Sounds pretty wonderful….shame about the rubbish though…it is sad that so many post offices have closed down. Enjoy the lovely weather x

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