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Video of last moments Germanwings flight 4U9525 discovered

Video of last moments Germanwings flight 4U9525 discovered

bild banner

Germany’s Bild News is reporting a cell phone “SIM card” (Micro SD, Memory card) has been recovered from the wreckage of Germanwings flight 9525. According to reporting by the German media outlet there is video on the SIM card showing what was taking place in the cabin prior to, and up to the moment of, the crash.

Bild is reporting the video appears to be taken from the rear of the passenger compartment, possibly by a cell phone, and shows absolute panic as the passengers on board were aware of the crisis. Passengers are reported to be crying out to God in numerous languages and shouting throughout the video.

There are three distinct sounds which accompany the video – appearing to be attempts by the pilot and others to break down the cockpit door. Massive panic and confusion is visible amid the passengers, then the sound of metal scraping – then the video stops.

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Four in ten newly qualified teachers quit within the 1st year.

Four in ten newly qualified teachers quit within the 1st year.

Being a teacher, I turned up this stat just the other day on a recruitment site for assaid ‘support teachers’ mentioned in the article below.

Figures disclosed showed that only 62 per cent were still in teaching a year after gaining their Qualified Teacher Status

Almost four out of ten teachers are no longer in the classroom a year after qualifying, a teachers’ conference heard yesterday.

Figures disclosed at the Association of Teachers and Lecturers conference in Liverpool yesterday showed that only 62 per cent were still in teaching a year after gaining their Qualified Teacher Status.

The figures, based on an analysis of Department for Education data, also showed that the number who complete their training but never enter the classroom has tripled in six years – from 3,600 in 2006 to 10,800 in 2011.

The cost to the taxpayer of training them is estimated to be just under £1 billion.

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Dead bankers conspiracy – 68 deaths – 7 discredited in 5 years

Dead bankers conspiracy – 68 deaths – 7 discredited in 5 years

Have done a little research  into the subject from the material in my previous post List of dead bankers 2015 – Conspiracy update.

I’ve broken it down into three fields of interest.

Financial Institutions: Where they worked

Banking industry suicides
Mostly JP Morgan chase

Rank: Their role

Dead bankers
Directors, Managing Directors and senior managers.

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Youtube HaCk3d

Youtube HaCk3d

You tube hackedSurprise.

Went to go on youtube this afternoon, check for outlandish videos to pass the time. The site had been hacked.

(It’s nice to know they are running Plesk, which is what they use on my web server).


No doubt, my first thoughts turn to the Muslimists and the media furor surrounding their little movement.

Also, Kim Jong Un, who’s always in an angry state.

Maybe someone hit the wrong button. But it’s strange, the ‘favicon’ is still showing in the top right corner of the tab.


It’s only 6 o’clock in the morning here, (as you can see from the clock at the bottom right hand side of the screen), whether the mainstream will report on this remains to be seen.

Whatever the case, I can’t get on the site and have to find something else to entertain my sick mentality.

Michael Burke vs (dead) Jimmie Saville

Michael Burke vs (dead) Jimmie Saville

Good piece of showmanship by the Burke.

I can’t help thinking there are a whole lot more known pedophiles that are part of the great British establishment. People even say it goes right to the very top…


It’s all very well after the fact saying, ‘Oh, I should have bopped him on the chin’. Burke even claims he wanted to ‘Murder’ Saville, which is deeply ridiculous, even for dinner time viewers.

Given the opportunity again, when old Burkey feels something is amiss, what would he do I wonder?…

….I suspect that Burke loathes the British public and would remain true to his masonic overlords….

michael burke

Still, all great viewing…


Did Tony Blair kill democracy?

Did Tony Blair kill democracy?

Tony Blair

We all know he has blood on his hands.

Are you not a Blairite? – Leading us all where the vision took us. Blurring the boundaries between black and white, rich and poor, right and wrong, etc. etc.

Looking back at it, all Blairism has left us with is a legacy of one party politics. Crossing the boundaries. No left no right.

I can only see that his great legacy and departure from traditional labour values and adoption of ‘new‘ values has been the destruction of democracy itself.

Touting himself as a great leader.

Not really.

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Year of the Pig – Again

Year of the Pig – Again

Had to watch the BBC2 daily politics program today whilst doing my wii-fit jogging, which happened to be talking about the Leveson enquiry and all the money it had spent.

pigThe platitudes issued in the spirit of non-achievement and self enrichment in this report is something that the British seem to have excelled themselves at, and really, rolls out to society as a whole.

So, congrats to everyone, this a very good time to be a pig.

May we roll things out for ever and ever until they lead nowhere.