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Dodford -> Whilton

Dodford -> Whilton

Skipping Muscott, made my way to Whilton, a short distance away from the marina.

As always, I’ve tried to moor in the sun.

I like to wake up in the morning and see as much sunshine as possible.
Same goes throughout the day.
As well as that, it keeps the solar charging 🙂

Bonnie Lady
Bonnie Lady

This is one of first pictures with my new phone.

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On the Thames again

On the Thames again

This time, heading into London to pick up my post….

It started raining at around Marlow.

All my gear is wet, so I’m drying it out on the fire, as well as cooking my dinner….

Taking a narrowboat on the Thames

I wrote a guide about this last year.

It’s true, moorings are easier to find further down.

Currently I’m in Windsor. I can see the castle from my window as I eat my dinner and drink my Guinness.

Here’s some pictures from the journey along.

Aldermaston Wharf - West Berkshire
Aldermaston Wharf – West Berkshire

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Bonny Journey – Day 2 – Calf Heath to Gnosall

Bonny Journey – Day 2 – Calf Heath to Gnosall

Onto day two.

Less clouds in the sky…

Woke up early, about 5, before the sun had come up.

Went back to sleep again.

BESTEK 2000W Power Inverter

The inverter was still working after a night. Got to watch TV in the morning, always good.

Tried to microwave my porridge using the inverter. Didn’t quite work… The video shows the explosion and the flames all over the cabin, (only joking mum).

Morning chores

Living on a boat, you’ve always got a series of these. Even more so than living on dry land because space is so restricted.

I’d say on an average morning, my morning chores list on the boat looks like this:-

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